The innovative, new concept of smart Makeup Station

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ELEGANI Beauty Box

Product description/USP
  • Innovative design & functional combination of whole body mirror and makeup desk
  • Remarkable space saving
  • Tidy and smart feature by all things being kept inside cubicle
  • Anti-dusting structure
  • Ergonomical design
  • Convenient use of blow dryer, plugged in electrical outlet with switch
  • Finding out thing at a sight
  • Picking up everything in arm-distance
  • Light fixture at mirror top side
  • Electrical outlet with switch provided

  • Patented in Korea
  • Design patented in Korea
  • "ELEGANI" brand registered in Korea
  • International patent("PCT") pending
  • Design patented in China
  • Design patented in Japan
  • Design patent pending in Singapore
  • Design patent pending in Hong Kong
  • Design patent pending in USA

  • Two type of design structure: Mirror only in front and two drawers in front
  • White base color and point up color
  • 5W LED light with switch
  • Two gang (outlet) of power socket with individual switch, 1.5m cord length
  • Maximum door open angle: 160 deg.
  • Two of height adjustable shelves
  • Base plate to be bolted and assembled to body structure, before use.

  • MDF with PU painting finish
  • Glass mirror, steel hinges
  • LED light and Electrical socket outlet(CE marked)

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